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Medicare Insanity… ABC

Today I helped my mother navigate the craziness that is Medicare. Open enrollment ends on December 7 and we wanted to see if she would benefit from changing plans.

But I spent most of the day reeducating her on the existing plan she had. Which was compounded by the redundant letters they use to describe the parts of medicare and the different plans.

You see Medicare is broken up into 3 parts, A, B and C.

They then decided to name the supplemental plans for part B, with letters A-N.

YES! Please tell me why they could not come up with a better naming scheme. Animals? Z-L?  Anything besides using the same letters that describe the parts of Medicare.

It’s no wonder this is so confusing for seniors. Even worse if they are sick or ailing.

In the end after crunching the numbers, we decided to leave things as they were. But it sure consumed a lot of time and effort.

Patience is the word of the day, PATIENCE! 😉


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